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The future of treating knee and thigh injuries in the German pavilion at the “Expo”


Expo Dubai: “Gulf”
On Monday, a science lecture was held at the Alumni Amphitheater in the German Forum at “Expo 2020 Dubai”, which deals with the future of how to treat injuries to the femurs and knees using ingenious methods that reveal the best practical progress. This domain.
The orthopedist, Vincent Huber, reviewed visual information about the number of bones and joints in the human body, explaining that with age, accidents and disease, the function of these joints decreases and movement becomes difficult.
Surgical solution
“Sometimes we seek a surgical solution and the joint is usually made of metal and plastic instead,” he said. To avoid such activities, we need to ensure the movement of the muscles because lack of movement or immobility can lead to many health problems later on.
During the lecture, Hooper demonstrated “smart pants” in which you can see muscle movement after wearing them. To illustrate how the device attached to the band works, he tested a woman in front of an audience. Vibration sensors were placed on her wrist, and with each movement of the palm, important scientific and health indicators appeared on the display screen for treatment data.
Smart sensors
The idea of ​​the smart band is to place sensors in the thigh and knee areas, which show muscle movement. Therefore, the band is an intelligent device for clinically assessing and monitoring movement at home or in clinics. It analyzes the movement and monitors it in the form of data read by the computer.
The band facilitates patient-physician communication, which is used to control health status and identify complications, and to increase the patient’s safety and security ratio. This research is presented under the auspices of UKM University. Provides a optimistic view of future health, which can be treated in clinics or at home.

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