May 30, 2023

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The Good-Marseille match was suspended after riots at the stadium

The Good-Marseille match was suspended after riots at the stadium


The good match against Marseille on Sunday in the third leg of the French Football League was suspended. Back to that. Before the arbitrator decided to appeal, the interview was adjourned for one and a half hours in the 75th minute, but Marcel wanted to stay in the clothing store, after which the arbitrator announced that he would stop the confrontation.

The match between Nice and its guest Marseille on Sunday, which took place under the third phase French Football LeagueThe riot led to its cancellation about an hour and a half after it was stopped.

After a large number of Nice fans entered the stadium in the 75th minute, the referee stopped the match between the two neighbors, throwing one of the plastic bottles thrown at him every time Marcel player Payet takes a corner kick.

This angered the home fans, and some of them went to the stadium to attack Bayat, prompting the referee to stop the match and send the players to the dressing rooms.

After the match was stopped for an hour and a half, Marseille agreed to return to Nice Stadium instead of refusing, thus stopping the match permanently. The result represents a goal without an answer before stopping the superiority of the landowners.

Before being hit by a bottle and getting up and being thrown into the stand, Bayt fell to the ground. His Spanish colleagues, Alvaro Gonzalez and Matteo Kunduz, marched towards the bottle-throwing stand to address the fans, while Brazilian Dante, the captain of Nice, tried to reassure them.

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Defenders tried to disperse the fans wearing yellow jackets, but there were fists and fights between players, fans and workers of both teams at various points on the field.

Marseille’s Argentina coach, Jorge Sampoli, appeared angry and tried to confront one of them, and his colleagues in the technical staff tried to dissuade him.

Before the whistle, former Nice player Kevin’s brother entered the stadium in a wheelchair, to the applause of fans and players. The brother was partially paralyzed in a car accident that ended his life in 2013.

France 24 / AFP