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The governor of Tafila on Tuesday decided to suspend government departments and agencies


Tafila Governor Dr. Mohammad Abu Jamus decided to suspend government departments and agencies in the governor’s office on Tuesday due to the weather.

Abu Jamos has been excluded from decision-making departments and companies, and the nature of their work is that they must continue to work.

The southern part of Jordan is now seeing the onset of snowfall due to the depth of the coldest polar region.

Today, Tuesday, the impact of the very cold winds of the polar appearance is deepening as the temperatures are significantly lower so that they are recorded at about 9-11 degrees Celsius lower than their normal ratios and somewhat colder. Cloudy with a chance of cloudy weather, with occasional showers in parts of the country, especially in the west.

With a sharp drop in temperature, snowfall is expected at intervals of more than 900 meters above sea level, with light and limited accumulation at the top of the high mountains, the Meteorological Department said. , And the wind will be brisk and northwesterly. Strong, sometimes dusty in desert areas.

Its report warns of the risk of slipping on roads where rain falls and the risk of low horizontal visibility due to clouds touching the Earth’s surface above the mountain top and low visibility due to dust. Extreme levels of flood danger were announced in the desert, with the exception of the Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea and Aqaba.

According to the report, there will be a slight increase in temperature tomorrow, Wednesday, with most parts of the kingdom experiencing very cold during the day and very cold at night, with clouds appearing at low altitudes, and northwest moderate winds, sometimes active.

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On Thursday, there will be another slight rise in temperature, while they will be below their normal ratios of (4-6) degrees Celsius, and the weather will be cooler in most parts of the Kingdom and sweeter in the Jordan Valley. At sea and in Aqaba, some clouds appear at low altitudes in the north and center of the kingdom. The wind will be moderate to northwest.

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