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The hope of Emirati football in “Asian” is “The Knights”.


Muneer Rahuma (Dubai)

Four clubs, Al Hilal Saudi from Group 1, Al Shabaab Saudi from Group 2, Fulat Kuestan and Al Duhail Qatar from Group C, qualified for the 16th round of the AFC Champions League. Group D. The fifth group reveals its secrets and the decision is postponed to the sixth round.

On the other hand, 9 teams were invited to the Continental Championship in advance, and before the end of the first round, their participation, including Emirati football ambassadors Sharjah and Al Jazeera, officially ended in the “2022 edition”, after the “king”. Satisfied with third place with only 5 points in the first group, and “Pride of Abu Dhabi” in third place with 4 points.
The Al-Ahly youth, on the other hand, collected 9 points and finished second in the third group, retaining a strong chance to advance to the next round, the “16th round”, after playing a decisive match against Folad Kuestan next Tuesday. , Trying to grab the top spot in their group and have to beat the crossing card.
Al Farzan holds the confidence of Emirati football at the Asian Championships, especially after winning two consecutive wins and has not suffered any defeats so far, in addition to improving its status from one match to another and the brilliance of many top players. Players.
The group stage matches in the western part of the continent showed great superiority for the Saudi teams, which were led by three groups, al-Hilal “first”, al-Shabab “second” and al-Faisali “fifth”. , Al-Dawun finished second in fourth place, and the four ambassadors of Saudi football could move on to the second round, thanks to the strong positions during the tournament and the benefit of the stadium staff and the public for playing matches. With positive atmosphere and great support from the fans.
The final round, which takes place next Tuesday, will see decisive clashes, especially the Al-Ahly youth match with Folad Kujastan and the top spot in the third group, in addition to the important matches in other groups. In the race for second place, the top three teams from the western continental teams in terms of competition qualified, with the top five places in the top five teams, and the West Asia region with eight places in the round. 16.

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