January 31, 2023

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Naples, Milan and Rome continue to have good starts in “Calcio”

Napoli, Milan and Roma retain their good start in the Italian football championship in the new season.

Napoli beat hosts Genoa 2-1, while Milan beat hosts 4-1 at Cagliari, and Rome beat hosts Salernitana 4-0 on Sunday. Samboria without goals.

At the (Luigi Ferraris) ground, Napoli snatched a hard-fought 2-1 victory from its host Genoa Stadium.

Napoli, who have won the tournament for the second time in a row, have risen 6 points to reach the full score so far, while Genoa are unbeaten on points after their second defeat of the season.

Spain’s Fabian Ruiz scored for Napoli in the 39th minute, while Andrea Gambiazo equalized for Genoa in the 69th minute, but Andrea Petania gave the spectators three points after scoring a precious victory in the 84th minute.

Napoli, who began their campaign for the championship with a 2-0 win over Venice last week, lost to Inter (current champions) Genoa 4-0 in the opening round.

At San Siro Stadium, Milan won 4/1 over Cleveland.

Lombardy, who beat Zamboria in the first round, lifted their tally to 6 points, with Cagliari with one point.

Sandro Donali gave Milan an early lead in the 12th minute, but Cagliari equalized in the 15th minute through Alessandro Diola.

After Ibrahim Dias scored the second goal in the 17th minute to restore Milan’s lead, Cagliari equalized in just two minutes, while senior French star Olivier Grout added a third in the 24th minute.

Groot, who went to Milan from Chelsea this summer, scored again, scoring Milan’s fourth goal and his second solo goal in the 43rd minute with a penalty kick.

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For his part, Roma continued its successful start with its controversial Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho, crushing its host Salernitana, who will be competing again through the white quad.

Roma, who beat Fiorentina in the first leg of the season, increased their lead to 6 points, while Salernitana were without points after their second consecutive defeat.

Lorenzo Pellegrini opened the scoring for Roma in the 48th minute, then Jordan Vertuo and Tommy Abraham added the second and third goals for the Italian capital in the 52nd and 69th minutes respectively.

Pellegrini finished the Roma goal festival, scoring his fourth goal for the guests and his second personal goal in the 79th minute to establish himself as the champion of the meet.