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The Hubble Space Telescope reveals dramatic changes in the planets’ atmosphere


New images captured by NASA and the European Space Agency continue to be released Hubble Space TelescopeNew images of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune show dramatic changes in the planets’ atmosphere, including images of gas giants never seen before in the solar system.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, Hubble is watching Changing situation As for Jupiter, with seasonal storms on Saturn and Uranus, there is also a dark spot that appears and disappears on Neptune.

“Hubble’s high-resolution tracking of these giant planets continues to provide astronomers with insights into ever-changing weather patterns in other worlds,” NASA wrote in a statement.

Hubble telescope images

Taken as part of the Outer Planets Legacy Program (OPAL), the September 4 film, shot in September and October, saw the appearance of new storms on Jupiter, known as cyclonic whirlpools, which could change drastically in appearance.

“Every time we get new data, the quality of the image and the details in the cloud features always amaze me,” said Amy Simon of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.

Simon added, “It amazes me when I look at Jupiter, and I can see that the cloud structures are apparently much deeper … we see a lot of structure here and a variation in vertical depth.”

The image of Saturn on September 12 shows rapid and intense changes in color in the northern hemisphere of the planet, which is in the fall and really highlights Hubble’s abilities.

“With Hubble’s high clarity, we can reduce things to a level that is really changing,” said Michael Wong of the University of California, Berkeley.

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A picture of Uranus taken on October 25 shows the planet’s north pole cover in the spring, and experts see how the polar envelope changes from methane in the planet’s atmosphere, indicating that the card’s brightness is increasing at the same latitude.

On September 7, Neptune’s image changes its orbit and moves toward the equator, but the planet’s darkest point is still visible.

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