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The iPhone 16 will come in different sizes


New leaks have revealed expected changes to the sizes of iPhone 16 phones coming in 2024, which will be Apple's first change from phones launched in 2020, but the change will mostly be to the existing Pro and Pro Max models.

Apple hasn't changed the screen size of iPhones significantly since the iPhone 12 generation in 2020, but that's slated to change with the iPhone 16 this year, as reports suggest that the Pro and Pro Max models will come with significantly larger screens. Current iPhone 15 Pro models. .

According to a report published by MacRumors citing informed sources, both the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max will have an increase in screen size compared to the current generation.

More precisely, the report says that the iPhone 16 Pro model will have a 6.27-inch (159.31 mm) screen, while the Pro Max model will have a 6.85-inch (174.06 mm) screen.

In comparison, the iPhone 15 Pro will come with a 6.1-inch screen, so the Pro model in 2024 will be larger in length and width than the current one, and it will be larger.

The same will be the case with the Pro Max model, although both phones will come with the same thickness as the current generation, but the table below compares the most important changes expected in the sizes of the devices.

iPhone 16 leaks

The larger size factor for the upcoming Apple devices is to provide more internal space for internal components and hardware, the report says, as the iPhone 16 Pro models are likely to have larger, longer-lasting batteries.

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The screen may also see improvements related to the type of screen used, as leaks indicate that Apple is considering using micro-lens technology to maintain or increase the brightness of OLED screens in this year's iPhone 16 phones. .

iPhone 16 leaksiPhone 16 leaks

As for the regular model and the Plus model of the phones coming in 2024, the sources do not expect any changes in their sizes and the devices will be similar in size to the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus. However, Apple plans to change the size with the iPhone 17 for 2025.

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