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The iPhone can speak in the same voice as the individual user


Apple has officially announced one of the best features coming to iPhone phones via its latest operating system iOS 17, which will enable the phone to recognize and speak the user’s voice only through text data.

Apple is gearing up to unveil its latest generation operating system iOS 17 for developers at WWDC, which will be held next month, and as the date approaches, the company is revealing some exciting features that will reach users after moving to the latest version. of the system.

via Official website For Apple, the company reviewed a set of new features that are within accessibility capabilities for people with disabilities, such as the hearing impaired, the blind, and those with disabilities.

Among the features, Apple touched on the Personal Voice tool, a new capability for people who cannot speak normally, as they can configure a copy of their voice to speak into the phone through text entry without the need to speak. for themselves.

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Apple explains that in a process that takes 15 minutes on a phone or iPad, users can create a voice that matches their personal voice by reading a group of text messages aloud, and users can write what they want to say. Read it in a private voice with whoever you want to talk to.

This feature uses machine learning capabilities built into the device itself, Apple says, and cannot be accessed from third parties; To maintain the privacy and security of users’ information.

There are some other features, but the phone’s ability to imitate the user’s unique voice is interesting in iOS 17, which can be used by a wide range of users, so that people can interact with voice by entering only text, and other applications that will be strongly recognized at the Apple WWDC event.

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