February 4, 2023

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الرجاء المغربي يتوج بلقب البطولة العربية ضد اتحاد جدة في غياب حجازي.. فيديو

The King of Morocco won the Arab Championship against Al Ittihad Jeddah in the absence of Hekasi .. Video

The Moroccan King Casablanca team won the Arab Championship title, beating their opponent Al Etihad Jeddah 4-3, with four goals apiece after the end of regulation time, in a heated clash between them on Saturday evening at the “Moule Abdalla” ground in the Moroccan capital, Rabat, for the Champions Clubs. Mohammed VI Cup “in the final.

Bruno Henrique scored for Al Ittihad Jetta in the fourth minute of the match, then Elias Hadat equalized for King Casablanca before Miyad Benhali scored the second goal for Morocco in the 13th minute.

Romarinho equalized for Ittihad Jetta with a penalty in the 29th minute, then Zakaria Al-Wardi scored the third goal for the King of Morocco in the 37th minute.

In the second half, Brazilian striker Romarinho scored the third and fourth goals for Al Etihad Jetta in the 53rd and 64th minutes from a penalty kick, while Sofian Rahimi equalized for Raja in the 50th minute.

Jeddah Union Marcelo Grohe, South Abdul Hamid, Omar Hawsawi, Hamdan Al-Shamrani, Muhannat Al-Shangidi, Kareem Al-Ahmadi, Bruno Henrik, Abdul Aziz Al-Bishi, Coronado, Romerinho, Foha Al-Mow.

Creation of King Casablanca: Anas al-Zeniti, Abdelila Matkur, Marwan al-Hadawudi, Elias al-Hattad, Sakan, Omar al-Arjun, Zakaria al-Wardi, Abdella al-Hafidi, Sofiane Rahimi, Mahmoud Benhalib.

Egyptian international Ahmed Hekasi missed the Arab Championship final, a yellow card in the first leg of the semi-final against the Saudi youth and a warning in the second leg as warnings piled up.

The final has been postponed more than once due to the corona virus that has halted sports around the world for the past year.

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The Egyptian jury chaired the meeting, which was assisted by Mahmoud al-Banna, Mahmoud Abu al-Regal, Ahmed Hosam Taha and a fourth arbitrator, Amin Omar, while Jihad Gresha was a video arbitrator.

In the semifinals, the federal team overcame the barrier of its fellow Saudi youth, drawing 2-2 in the first match and then winning 2-1 in the return match to reach the final round of the tournament.

On the other hand, he won the semi-final match from King Ismail of Morocco with one goal without a response and three goals without defeat and reached the final.