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The large number of people attending the DEWA IPO is a sign of investment confidence in Dubai


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Waleed Al Jaruni, Real Estate Expert, Chairman of the “W Capital” Real Estate Brokerage Board of Directors, stressed that the initial public offering of shares of the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) reflects the strength of local, regional and global demand. Dubai’s economy and the strength of its government agencies, as well as the success of current and targeted investments in the emirate, including in the real estate sector.

Al-Zaruni said the success of the DEWA IPO, considered the largest in the history of the financial markets of the United Arab Emirates, was a testament to the strength of Dubai’s economy based on its subscription-based, diversified and flexible economic base. This is the second largest initial public offering since the Saudi Aramco IPO in 2019, according to a standard recorded by modern economic history in the Gulf region.

Walid al-Zaruni said the large coverage rate shows an unprecedented investment thirst for investment in the Dubai financial market and ensures that there is a cash flow that encourages opportunities in the emirate, including in the real estate sector, to reflect the best opportunity for investment. Opportunities at the present time.

Al Zarouni explained that the real estate market in Dubai offers long-term opportunities and gains, thanks to strong foundations and positive economic expectations, which boosts the confidence index of Emirate Investment in the future.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of “W Capital” Real Estate Brokerage pointed out that Dubai has maintained its position and has become a preferred destination for real estate investment for large corporations or entrepreneurs, and the recent global changes and economic implications have prompted foreign investors to invest in Dubai real estate. Benefit from Emirate’s offers and top-notch infrastructure and set up new businesses, surpassing its peers in world capitals.

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Dubai’s real estate sector is one of the key sectors in the Dubai real estate market, attracting more than 38,000 new investors to strengthen the emirate’s economy, attract foreign investment and international and emerging companies. In real translation of the regional and global situation experienced by the real estate market in Dubai, Emirate, based on land sector data.

Walid Al Jaroni pointed out that DEWA’s success enhances Dubai’s position as a global market capitalization and is a key indicator of hope for future IPOs success at the Emirate, as well as encouraging local and regional international companies. Market list.

Deva’s subscription demands reached world records, reaching 315 billion dirhams, the entry of sovereign funds and global investment portfolios and the value of the company close to 124 billion dirhams.

The initial public offering of the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority is the first of its kind after the Supreme Committee for the Development of Financial Markets and Transactions in the Dubai Emirate announced the list of 10 Governments & Half at the end of last year. Government agencies in the Dubai financial market take a wide range of actions and policies as part of its strategy. It integrates Dubai’s leading position as one of the world’s most important financial and business markets, supporting the financial sector at the Emirate in an unprecedented manner and accelerating its growth to achieve achievements and success.

The expected large lists, including “Salic”, “Decom” and “Empower”, are expected to continue to be a subsidiary force to improve the functioning of the markets and provide the necessary depth to their transactions.

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