March 20, 2023

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The lost missile will hit the moon in a few hours

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A position of the lost rocket will collide with the moon’s surface at 12:25 pm GMT on Friday, astronomers said.

The conversation website said that this phenomenon was not observed from Earth because it occurs on the other side of the Moon and has no effect on our planet.

Scientists plan to study the abyss formed after NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, to detect changes in the exosphere around the Moon caused by the collision, and then explore the Moon’s surface. The same impact groove.

Astronomical observations indicate that the rocket’s position is on the verge of colliding with the “Hertzsprung” abyss at a distance from the moon, and that this is the first time a piece of debris has accidentally collided with the moon.

Research on the top of SpaceX’s “Balkan 9” rocket, which launched the Discovery Deep Space Climate Laboratory in 2015, has led scientists to not know the exact shape of the rocket body, and some believe it is part of it. Chinese “Luna March 3C” rocket launched by China’s Chang’e 5-T1 mission in 2014.

Scientists believe that the only problem at the moment is the inaccuracy of the direction of its orbit as a result of the rocket body orbiting itself, but it is unclear whether it rotates in rotisserie mode or the rocket body fluctuates. Due to the pressure of the sun’s radiation, but eventually it falls on the other side of the moon in the Herssprung crater area, the point of attack can change up to a kilometer.


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