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The Magic Leap 2 launches on September 30 for $3,299


The Magic Leap 2 launches on September 30 for $3,299

The Magic Leap 2 headphones launched on September 30 at a starting price of $3,299. The mixed reality device is its smaller and lighter successor The magical leap of 2018Among other improvements, it offers a wider field of vision – but, as expected, a higher price tag.

Magic Leap has already distributed Magic Leap 2 to select partners Neurotech ThinkThink Inc And this Other medical institutions. In September it will be available for general purchase in several markets including the US (where sold through retail partner Insight), Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Saudi Arabia. Japan and Singapore are planned for late 2022.

The headphones come in three packages, which mostly vary by software support and purpose. The $3,299 “base” package includes headphones and a limited warranty. The $4,099 “Developer Pro” option adds access to software development tools and early software versions, but is limited to in-house development — not a full commercial deployment. The $4,999 Enterprise suite includes quarterly software updates and tools to manage your enterprise headset deployment.

All packages come with Magic Leap 2 headphones, a powerful computer suite, and a simple console-style console. It’s the same basic shape as the previous headphones, which sold for $2,295, but they’re actually Shrink and clear 316 g to 260 g. It has an extended field of view of up to 70 degrees, which is still limited, but significantly less than its predecessor. Many specifications of Magic Leap 2 Description in January – This is a magical jump We are talking about a device from 2019 – But now you can find out Full hardware specifications On its product page.

Magic Leap still maintains that the headphones are for enterprise use, not consumer use. The company has expressed its desire to re-enter the consumer market in the near future, but after a gradual focus between 2018 and 2020, there’s still no sign of that – which isn’t surprising. Even big consumer players like Apple The dead continued So far in exposing glasses to the mass market.

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