June 2, 2023

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The Manhattan District Attorney issued the damning indictment

Trump arrived at his tower in New York yesterday evening, preparing to appear in a Manhattan court (AFP).

A very powerful attack before trial

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Hours before his appearance in a Manhattan court in New York, former US President Donald Trump described the charges against him as a historic precedent for the United States.

Trump tweeted

And in a comment he posted on his account on the “Social Truth” site today, he said Manhattan Attorney General Alvin Bragg had just and illegally leaked information related to the grisly indictment against me.

He also said that he knows the journalist and he knows him, referring to a journalist who had published information earlier today that there were 34 charges against the former president.

Trump’s earlier comment about Manhattan attorney general (Reuters)

Additionally, he opined that “if the public prosecutor now wants to whitewash his professional record, he should be reprimanded” because of his violation of the law. He concluded, “He’ll have the stain of failure on his judicial record, just like his Trump-hating wife!”

33 charges?!

Last night, Monday, Trump criticized Brock, in a comment on “social truth,” saying he had leaked information about the existence of 33 impeachments and urging him to step down.

Democrat Alvin Bragg’s name will no doubt earn him a place in US judicial history as the first federal or state prosecutor to file criminal charges against a President of the United States!

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It is noteworthy that Trump, who traveled from Florida to New York City yesterday, will appear in court today and file an indictment against him, thereby becoming the first former US president to face criminal charges.

He will then return to Florida, where he will speak at Mar-a-Lago at 0015 GMT on Wednesday.

The New York case is one of the investigations facing Trump, who is running for president again.

The US Department of Justice is investigating Trump’s every move during the 2020 elections and his possession of classified documents after he leaves the White House in 2021.

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