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The Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the National Archives, the National Library and the Israeli University of Haifa.


Tel Aviv (WAM)

The delegation of the National Archives and the National Library signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Haifa during their visit to Israel with the aim of supporting common goals. Support projects and activities for mutual benefit and collaborate on cultural activities.
Abdullah Majid Al Ali, Executive Director General of the National Archives and Library at the University of Haifa, and Dr. Ron Rubin, President of the University of Haifa, signed in the presence of the country’s Ambassador, Mohammed Mahmoud Al-Ghaza. To Israel, representatives of the National Archives and Library and university professors.
Abdullah Majid al-Ali said: “At the National Archives and Library in the United Arab Emirates, we are interested in building bridges over Israeli archives and educational institutions, benefiting from the framework of a common interest in cooperating, building partnerships and relationships. For both sides, this notebook is a new building block that enhances the strength and power of strategic relations between the two allies.
He added: This understanding between the archives, the National Library and the University of Haifa falls within the framework of strengthening the agreement between the United Arab Emirates and Israel. The Executive Director General of the National Archives and Library was pleased to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Haifa to promote scientific research, complete archival collections documenting the past, and exchange experiences and successful experiences in the field. Preservation of cultural documents, and processing, digitization and availability of historical records and documents.
For his part, Dr. President of the University of Haifa. Ron Rubin welcomed the representatives of the National Archives and the Library and considered the agreement to understand the field of science to collaborate within the framework of common tasks and goals. Bilateral knowledge with advanced experience in historical scientific research, archives and archives, digitalization of cultural documents and advanced technologies in this field. He added: Civilizations can only proceed through dialogue and cooperation, and we are confident in all the terms of the Memorandum of Understanding on the metaphor of constructive cooperation that will lead to the dialogue of cultures and enrich everything new through strong. Bridges where we exchange experiences and successful experiences, and we hope this will lead to more harmony and difference in the future.
In accordance with the terms of the memorandum, both parties will cooperate in researching the library and archival resources in each other’s assets related to each other’s history, and implementing training programs for library staff. The Memorandum of Understanding provides opportunities for collaboration in cultural activities that promote cultural exchange, including seminars and conferences, workshops and staff training, exchange tours and publications, their translation, and the organization and enrichment of exhibitions.

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