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The moon appears dark when seen from Earth when it is in its phase


The moon appears dark when seen from Earth when it is in its phase

When the Moon is in the sky, it appears dim as seen from Earth. The Moon is one of the largest moons in the solar system. It is the closest planet to Earth and the first to be reached by humans. Explain the motion of the moon, what are the types of motion, what are the phases the moon goes through and what is the effect of its motion around the earth.

Movement of the Moon

The Moon moves in two circles around itself, this movement takes about twenty-seven days and one-third of a day to complete its journey, and it revolves around the Earth once in twenty-seven days. It is about three hundred and eighty-four kilometers in days, and the size of the Moon is similar to that of the Sun due to its proximity to the Earth, as its diameter is about three thousand four hundred and seventy-six kilometers, which is smaller than the Sun and about a quarter of the diameter of Earth’s moons, such as Jupiter.

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When the moon is in motion, it appears dark from Earth

There are many phases of the moon as a result of sunlight reflection, and as a result of change over time and the movement of the moon, the so-called phases of the moon appear. Al-Madil’s Crescent), and the position of the Moon relative to the Earth and the Sun differs during these phases, as it appears dark when it falls between the Sun and the Moon, and therefore appears full. shape as we observe it from Earth, so the answer to our question is:

  • When it is combined.

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Events related to the Moon’s motion around the Earth

The movement of the Moon around the Earth causes two natural phenomena:

lunar eclipse

This event is called a lunar eclipse and occurs when the Earth is between the Moon and the Sun, and it casts the Earth’s shadow on the Moon when the Moon is full, and a partial lunar eclipse can occur. The moon is full. A total eclipse occurs an average of four to seven times a year, or when the moon is full and the Earth and sun are completely aligned, but this type of eclipse is rare.

solar eclipse

A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon is between the Earth and the Sun, and the Moon completely or partially blocks the sunlight from the Earth, in the same direction.

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At the end of this article, we will answer our question of how does the moon look dark from Earth when it is in a phase, and learn about the motion of the moon and how long it takes. Types of its movement, what are the phases of the moon respectively, and what are the phenomena related to the movement of the moon around the earth.

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