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The most important appearance of the stars during the opening ceremony of the Cairo International Film Festival 2021


The Cairo International Film Festival 2021 in its 43rd session, extended to 10 days, began on November 26, 2021. Here are all the details of the most important star appearances at the opening ceremony of the Cairo International Film Festival 2021.

Raya Abirach was dressed as Zuhair Murad. Characterized by thin sleeves adorned with feathers and a high slit at the endsYusra - Cairo Film Festival 2021 - Yusra - Cairo FilmsYusra in black dress from Rami Kadi. Stand out with shiny silver embroidery and crystal beads

Dora Zarrock - Cairo Film Festival 2021 - Dora Zarrock - Cairo MoviesDora Jarrook in the dress of Zuhair Murat. It came in black, covered with shiny grains, and distinguished by the addition of gloves.Noor - Cairo Film Festival 2021 - Noor - Cairo FilmsNoor in a black dress, distinguished by a sleeve top and long tail at its upper part.

Salma Abu Daif - Cairo Film Festival 2021 - Salma Abu Daif - Cairo MoviesSalma Abu Daif in Valentino costume. It came in pink, open at the shoulders, with an opening in the abdomen, slightly down and down with folds.

Mona Jackie - Cairo Film Festival 2021 - Mona Jackie - Cairo PicturesMona Saki in a tree borhan dress. It came in an emerald green color and was distinguished by a high opening attached to a sheer glossy fabric.

Dina Sherpini - Cairo Film Festival 2021 - Dina Sherpini - Cairo MoviesDina El-Sherbiny dressed as Alexandre Vauthier. It came in a glossy black color, distinguished by a cleavage and high cleavage on the chest

Nellie Kareem - Cairo Film Festival 2021 - Nellie Kareem - Cairo MoviesNelly Kareem in a red dress. It has a shoulder cut, a side cut, with folds at the waist and a long tail attached

Nesreen Thafech - Cairo Film Festival 2021 - Nesreen Thafech - Cairo MoviesNisreen Tafesh in dress, Noor Fatalla. It came in dark blue, with open shoulders and gloves of the same color attached to it. Stand apart from the long-tailed fairy tale

Cynthia Khalifa - Cairo Film Festival 2021 - Cynthia Khalifa - Cairo MoviesCynthia Khalifa in a red dress. The design was distinguished by a shoulder cut, and attached to a long tail

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