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The most important Apple products expected in 2022


Apple has been busy with repeat releases and many new products this year, and last week it announced a new MacBook Pro, third-generation airplanes, new colors for the Homepot Mini and a new subscription layer for Apple Music. But expect a lot more in 2022.
According to an Indian Express report, next year we will see everything we can expect from Apple:

IPhone 3
With the introduction of the smartphone at the beginning of the global epidemic, the iPhone SE2 was a surprising success. The next iPhone SE is expected to arrive early next year, and it will still have an older design but boasts 5G support and the latest A15 processor. Simply put, the next generation iPhone SE will have new internals based on the iPhone 8 design language.

MacBook Air 2022
Apple released a new MacBook Air with the M1 processor at the end of 2020, but the successor to this computer may be introduced in the middle of next year. The MacBook Air is the most popular Mac you can buy on the market, but its design has not changed much in recent years. It is rumored that the next MacBook Air will have a thinner and lighter design but will include a flat bezel around the screen and a white bezel and a redesigned keyboard. In fact, it can be launched in fun color options just like the iMac M1. Other notable features include an M2 processor, a 1080p webcam, a portable LED display and a MagSafe. The price of the new MacBook Air is expected to be higher than the current MacBook Air price.

Mac Mini Pro
When Apple announced the new MacBook Pro with the M1 Pro and M1 Max processors last week, many were surprised that the ‘Mac Mini Pro’ did not appear. Interestingly, not only will the next Mac Mini get a new processor, it will also undergo a complete overhaul. Speculation is rife that the Mac Mini Pro will have a mesh surface, magnetic cord, 4 Thunderbolt ports, 2 USB-A ports, an Ethernet port and an HDMI port. But the main highlight of the new Mac Mini is the M1 Pro processor.

Let’s move on to 2022
Apple is definitely working on the next generation iPad Pro, which will seldom launch in 2022. The current iPod Pro, especially the 12.9-inch model, is very robust with an M1 chip inside and has an upgraded display using mini-LED technology. The question is: what will Apple do next with the iPod Pro? Apple will change the design language of the iPod Pro, add wireless charging capabilities and bring mini-LED screen technology to the 11-inch model. The next generation iPad Pro may also announce the new Apple Pencil.

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Airports Pro 2
It’s been more than two years since Apple first released the Airports Pro, and it is scheduled to be updated. This may include a skin detection sensor as seen on Airbots 3. Although this is not confirmed, there will be holes in the speakers under the Airboats 2 case. It also includes better audio and enhanced noise cancellation capabilities.

IPhone 14

In fact, Apple will launch a new iPhone next year. Expected to launch in the fall of 2022, the new iPhone 14 will feature a punch-hole front camera, camera pump and titanium chassis. It may have TouchIT under the screen, further enhancements and other features.

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