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The Mother’s Mental Health Conference begins on May 11th


Chitra Medicine, Hamad Medical Corporation and the Royal College of Psychiatrists are holding a joint conference on May 11 in support of World Mother’s Mental Health Day (WMMHD).
This free joint event (virtual and live) is based on the principle that we are strong together: support for women around the world in the journey of maternal mental health care. The importance of this idea was highlighted by the imbalances that arose during the Govt-19 epidemics, as it crystallized the need to develop psychological services to meet the complex and growing needs of patients.
Dr. Zainab Imam, President of Women’s Psychiatry at Chitra Medicine and President of the International Mother’s Day Conference, said: Pregnancy, childbirth and the first year of a baby’s life are the most important life-changing experiences. A woman and her family. But for some women, this can be a time of intense emotions and mixed feelings, including anxiety and sadness for a variety of reasons.
She added: “We realize that it is not easy for many women or their families to speak freely about the emotional or psychological challenges associated with pregnancy due to fear of society or the stigma attached to mental health issues. , Echoes with women and their families.
The conference agenda covered topics such as mental health services in Qatar, the impact of International Maternal Mental Health Day, the provision of gender-sensitive services, public health and region-specific improvements.
The conference will feature key local speakers from Chitra Medicine, Hamad Medical Institute, the Royal College of Perinatal Psychiatrists, the Middle East Department and the Ministry of Public Health.
We are slowly emerging from the effects of a global epidemic that has affected many populations over the past two years, the doctor said over the past two years, particularly vulnerable groups such as women with perinatal mental challenges.
“Epidemic mental health challenges have opened the door to more open discussion in the public forum than ever before,” he added. It also served as a nucleus for creating new culturally sensitive services that would make it easier for individuals to obtain professional help.
“We want to help overcome many social barriers, and our shared commitment is to support new mothers and pregnant women, which has a positive impact on the community as a whole.”
The Royal College of Psychiatrists’ Conference provides 4-hour CPD accreditation and is open to psychiatrists, psychologists, psychiatrists, obstetricians, midwives, social workers, primary care physicians, mothers and their families.
Dr. Owis Wado, Senior Adviser at the Department of Social Psychiatric Services at Hamad Medical Corporation and Head of the Royal College of Psychiatrists Middle East, said: “The World Mother’s Day Conference is the result of a joint effort by the Royal College. Psychiatrists, Hamad Medical Institute and Chitra Medical.
He expressed hope that the conference would set the stage for a focus on maternal mental health, a very important issue.

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