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The Netherlands is a European leader in electric car charging stations


The Dutch are generally known to be interested in cycling, but in the fear of these “low-lying countries” of the effects of climate change, their country tops the list of European countries in terms of the number of charging stations for electric vehicles. Based on rising water levels.

At each corner of the road are Tesla, Volvo and other electric vehicles connected to chargers at these 75,000 stations, which make up a third of all EU stations.

After opening four charging stations around Ninke Berksma’s home in central Rotterdam, the 37-year-old was determined to buy an electric car “to contribute to protecting the environment”.

Finding suitable shipping locations for her trip was difficult at first, but the problem was solved and Berksma was “very happy” with her decision.

One in almost five new cars in the Netherlands is fully electric, which encourages the adoption of this standard mode of transportation through bonuses and tax incentives.

It is no secret to the authorities that almost one-third of its land area is above sea level, particularly vulnerable to the effects of global warming, which is accelerating faster than expected, the intergovernmental panel said in a statement. On Climate Change at the United Nations.

The government wants all new cars sold from 2030 to be fully electric in the Netherlands; Transportation accounts for one-fifth of greenhouse gas emissions.

The Netherlands is one of the most polluting countries in Europe, especially due to the industrial and agricultural sectors. The average car is higher than in France, Greece or Sweden.

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Following a lawsuit filed by NGOs, The Hague was forced to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by 49% by 2030 compared to 1990.

Short distance

Nike Berksma’s Volvo will cover a distance of about 400 km when fully charged, and this natural and environmental science student rarely travels at the same time.

Martin van Beeson, who runs the Electric Vehicle Association, reveals that short distances and the quality of the road network are “factors that motivate people to get into electric vehicles”.

It notes that 20 to 21 percent of the 400,000 new cars sold last year were all electric.

Since 2012, according to Hague van Beeson, it has been encouraging the adoption of this mode of transportation.

In addition to the 75,000 public charging stations, 190,000 citizens are provided with private charging devices.

The Netherlands has about 30% of shipping bases in Europe, while France and Germany are in second and third place with 20% each, knowing that they are much larger than the Netherlands.

Half of the public cargo bases are located in the Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam areas; Where one-third of the country’s population lives.

In most regions, stations are managed by an owner, which facilitates their use; The same card can be used at all stations.

“Not enough”

In the city, it offers a charging station within a maximum radius of 200 meters per citizen. In rural areas, people have their own chargers, and 75% of them get electricity from their solar panels.

Conventional chargers allow the car to be “fully electrified” overnight or within a few hours. Depending on the speed available at the stations on the highways, they can charge the car within thirty minutes.

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Despite all this, Ninge Berksma says there are not enough charging stations in Rotterdam, charging his car every four nights.

She sometimes has to wait a while, except for the 6pm emergency.

The municipality has made progress by providing more charging stations, but this is not enough in the student’s view. (AFP)

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