June 3, 2023

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The "old continent" sees Israel's gas as an alternative to Russia's imports

The “old continent” sees Israel’s gas as an alternative to Russia’s imports

Van der Leyen told a joint news conference with the Israeli prime minister Naphtali Bennett In Jerusalem, “we want to strengthen our energy cooperation with Israel.”

He said the 27-nation European Union was Russia’s “biggest and most important customer” in energy supplies, but the war prompted it to leave. Fossil fuels Russian including reinforcement Import of natural gas From the eastern Mediterranean.

The European Union, Israel and Egypt are expected to sign a memorandum of understanding on Wednesday, under which Israel will issue a memorandum of understanding. Natural gas In a pipeline to Egypt, it will be converted into liquefied natural gas and then shipped to EU member states.

“This is very important to us and I am very grateful that we are now discussing this wonderful project that we are ready to increase gas supply to the EU via Egypt,” said Van der Leyen.

Israeli Energy Minister Karen al-Har said in a statement that Cairo was on its way to sign a tripartite agreement between Israel, the European Union and Egypt.

Bennett welcomed the so-called “very strong and positive” path in relations between Israel and the European Union, and said there was “a leap in trade, innovation and economic cooperation.”

In a separate meeting with Bennett on Tuesday, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi said his country also wants to reduce its dependence. Russian gas Collaborating with Israel and exploiting the “gas resources of the eastern Mediterranean”.

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