January 28, 2023

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The owner of Steaua Bucharest banned players from playing with the vaccine

The owner of Steaua Bucharest banned players from playing with the vaccine

Sharjah: Tamia Fale

Romanian businessman Gigi Becali, owner of Steaua Bucharest, Romania’s most popular football club, has issued an order banning players from joining the team.

Beckley said vaccinated athletes suffer from a loss of strength, especially among the elderly. He added: “You may look at me and laugh, but I’m right, this is something that has been proven by science. Did you see what happened to Cluj and Rapid?

It looks like the players are in poor health and sleeping on the field. All restaurants are losing their power. I’m watching my team too, the vaccine does not affect some players, but the elderly do, and did you see Gibrian Deak? “

Begali said striker Claudio Cesero, who returned last August after 6 years at the Bulgarian Ludogorets, could no longer play at the highest level; Because he was vaccinated.

He added: “I gave him the money and signed him as a footballer, but he was not in the required position; So I told him you can play in the Roman League, but not in Steva or Cluj. He said he would prove me wrong, but he could not, I say what I think, personally I am not against the player.

And the official site of the Roman government issued a statement denying that soldiers were affected by the vaccine. “There is no clinical or scientific study of strength loss after receiving the vaccine,” the report added.

Romania is one of only eight countries with a restaurant ratio of less than 60%, and Beckley’s statements have always been controversial. Because it is black. In 2018, he said he would not establish a women’s team at the club until he became the owner; Because women’s football is “contrary to the human nature of women’s creation,” and it is “the work of the devil.”

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He added, “A woman’s body is not made to play football, it’s a dangerous sport.