March 30, 2023

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The owner of “The Father” wants to direct a new mental health film in New York.

PARIS: French playwright Florian Zeller wants to shoot his new film “The Son” in New York, after “The Father”, which he directed and won an Oscar and helped bring his name to the forefront of film directing.

Like his first film, “The Sun” is based on one of his most successful plays. Actor Anthony Hopkins will participate in the new work in a certain way, after he played the title role in “The Father”, for which he won the Oscar for best actor.

In the new film, Zeller, 43, brings together the main cast of Australian Hugh Jackman, in addition to American Laura Dern and British Vanessa Kirby.

After “The Father” dealt with Alzheimer’s disease, the new work also deals with the issue of mental health. The film revolves around the story of a teenager (rising star Jane McGrath) who suffers from severe depression because her parents fear they will fail to save her.

On the sidelines of the Venice Film Festival, where “The Father” was in the official competition, Florian Zeller told AFP, “Everybody has experienced these problems, whether it’s a brother, sister or son. Mental illness,” adding: “We are haunted by feelings of shame and guilt about mental illness, Hence there is an urgent need to address these issues in cinematography.

“The Father” was filmed in London, while Zeller chose to film his new movie in New York. He says: “This city has not left my mind because New York is like a center for the contemporary Western world.” A task handling issue can be tested by anyone.

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He continued, “I don’t feel comfortable working in English, I have to do it more precisely because I feel better.” The French author did not rule out producing a work in French or other languages.