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The partnership between Microsoft and MyEyes provides an enhanced experience for visually impaired users


American software and technology empire Microsoft Corp. announced its collaboration with app company “Be My Eyes” with the aim of making the company’s customer service easier for the blind to access. Founded in 2015, Be My Eyes provides an app that connects blind users with volunteers who can provide assistance with tasks they find difficult to do unaided.

Apart from the app, the company has also developed an artificial intelligence tool called BMyAI, which uses the language model of OpenAI’s ChatGPT4 generating artificial intelligence platform. The tool aims to provide a detailed description of any photo a person takes, be it a photo of a poster or a product found in a store.

Microsoft, which owns OpenAI, will integrate BMyAI technology into the Microsoft Disability Answer Desk tool, which works to streamline customer service communications, BMyEyes confirmed in its report.

This partnership between Microsoft and MyEyes is an opportunity for blind users of Microsoft products to overcome hardware issues and perform complex tasks such as installing operating systems and narrating PowerPoint presentations without human assistance.

At a startup developer conference earlier this month, Sam Altman pointed to BMAEZ’s use of the GPT4 chat platform as an example of how OpenAI’s language model can be used to improve automated image descriptions.

Common questions

What are my eyes?

Be My Eyes is a startup founded in 2015 that aims to provide support and assistance to the blind through an app.

What is “Be My AI” app?

The “Be My AI” app is an artificial intelligence tool developed by the company Be My Eyes, and it uses the language model of ChatGPT4, a developing artificial intelligence platform, to provide a detailed description of the images the user takes. An image of a poster or a product in a store.

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What is a “Microsoft Disability Response Disk”?

The “Microsoft Disability Answer Desk” is a tool from Microsoft that aims to simplify customer service communications. BMyAI technology will be included in this tool to help blind users solve technical problems and perform complex tasks without human assistance.

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