June 2, 2023

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The prosecution clarifies the point of view of the sentence

The State Public Prosecution clarified the meaning of the sentencing order through a film material aired on its social media accounts.

According to the Code of Criminal Procedure, a sentencing order is a judicial order issued by a member of the public prosecutor to decide the outcome of a criminal case. For the offenses of offenses and violations referred to in this chapter, the criminal case must be concluded except for those who are not legally charged, even if the accused is absent and without trial. Offenses applicable to the provisions of the Penal Code and for violations specified in the laws in force in the country may result in fines, imprisonment or fines.

The public prosecutor, in agreement with the general representatives of the local judiciary, is determined by the decision he makes, the violations used in the rules of error and sentencing, and the public prosecutors, each publishing the results within their jurisdiction, are required to implement the provisions of this article.

A criminal order is issued to anyone convicted of a crime, imposing a fine not more than half of its maximum limit, in addition to fines and fees, and a civil injunction that does not preclude the granting of a civil claim.

The dissemination of this information comes within the framework of the state government’s ongoing campaign to promote the legal culture among community members and to raise public awareness of the law aimed at spreading the culture of the law. Life.


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