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The Rimac Nevera Time Attack has broken all acceleration records this year


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Rimac celebrates its special edition Nevera Time attack It produces an impressive 1,813 horsepower to break acceleration records this year.

Nevera was launched Time attack At Monterey Car Week, its rear spoiler was tuned for maximum downforce.

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Rimac ships its Nevera Time attack The message: “For those who come after us, try to catch up” refers to the fast pace of the limited-edition special edition car.

Rimac never existed Time attackLimited Edition Hacks

Rimac has revealed that its car is the Nevera Time attack It will be a very limited number, this special edition will only come in 12 cars.

Featured in green and black like the record-breaking car, the green stripes also refer to one of the company’s founder’s first mad scientist projects. girlfriend Rimac, the E30 BMW 3 Series from the 1980s converted to an electric motor. In 2011, this Frankenstein machine was certified by the FIA ​​as the fastest electric car in the world..

For some lucky buyers, the Nivera has plenty of design options Time attack It can vary between plain carbon fiber or basic black, with the color choice for the exterior stripes replacing the green that appeared on the Nefera car. Time attack During Monterey Car Week, the color stripes match the contrasting stitching on the interior.

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There is also a name “Time Attack” Mounted on the seatback, a plaque identifies each car as one of 12 exclusive cars.

Never Time attack It broke all records

If you’re wondering how fast this car broke all the speed records this year, Nivora is the car Time attack It is capable of 0-62 mph in 1.81 seconds, 0-100 mph in 3.21 seconds and 0-186 mph in 9.22 seconds. Quarter mile time? 8.25 seconds.

The Nevera can reach its top speed of 259 mph, then it’s back to zero by the time the McLaren F1 takes over. A top speed of 217 mph should be reached. The total power of the four-stroke engine is 1,813 horsepower.

Technology appears in the car Warp DriveIt’s a technology found on spaceships like Star Trek, which offers extremely rare performance and is only available to less than a dozen owners with the cash.

Rimac with its Nevera Time attack Challenge mode is activated, so the chase continues.

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