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The second phase production of 90 million cubic feet of gas per day in the Libyan al-Fark sector


The second phase of production at the Al-Fark plant in Libya is expected to produce 90 million cubic feet of gas per day and a capacity of about 6,000 barrels of capacitors per day, Waha Oil said in a statement yesterday.
The second phase began on October 28, with a three-day gas production capacity of 60 million cubic feet, after which production increased to 90 million cubic feet per day, according to Reuters.
Libya’s crude oil production reached 1.3 million barrels a day, close to the 1.6 million barrels a day that the country was producing before 2011. Libya’s oil production has been affected by the conflict and is the country’s main source of income. But with the return of expressions of stability, production slowly began to recover.
In addition, the Russian energy company “DotNeft” announced in an earlier report that it had resumed geological surveys in Libya, confirming the situation in this North African country.
The company said: Work has resumed on wells where drilling work has been suspended.
Earlier, Vasily Moskovsky, assistant director general of “DotNeft” for corporate finance, announced that the Russian company had resumed operations in parts of Libya. He pointed out that “Tatneft” plans to establish a joint venture with the Libyan National Corporation. In turn, Neil Maganov, director of DotNeft, confirmed earlier that the company was ready to resume oil production in Libya. The Russian company “DotNept” operated in Libya from 2005 to 2014 under a concession agreement and was suspended due to military operations in the country at that time.

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