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The Security Council failed to stop the war and failed to end it


United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has blamed the Security Council for failing to prevent the outbreak of armed conflict in Ukraine.
“Let me be clear: the Security Council has failed to do all it can to prevent and end this war, which is causing frustration, frustration and anger,” Guterres told a news conference in Kiev on Thursday. Volodymyr Zhelensky.

The Secretary-General acknowledged that he did not believe in the possibility of reforming the UN Security Council in the near future.

Today, Guterres held talks in Kiev with Zhelensky and Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba after visiting the cities of Borodinka, Pucha and Irfin in Kiev province.

Guterres arrived in Ukraine two days after his visit to Moscow, where he held talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

According to Russia Today, Guterres pointed out that he and Zhelensky had “intense discussions” to discuss the situation in the city of Mariupol on the Sea of ​​Azov, which he described as “a crisis within a crisis.”

He explained that he had discussed with Zhelensky ways to evacuate the last Ukrainian troops trapped inside the huge Azovstel steel plant, and the civilians whom the Kiev government claims to be there.

To prevent its failure, the Secretary-General said he would not disclose details or date of a possible eviction.

Azovstal is the last stronghold of forces loyal to the Ukrainian government in Mariupol, and the Kiev government talks about the presence of civilians in this large factory.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has previously ordered his troops not to attack a plant with a reinforced and intricate network of Soviet-era underground facilities.

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Russia recently announced that it would unilaterally stop hostility in Mariupol, allowing citizens in the “Azovstal” government to leave in any direction of their choice, but the Ukrainian government has denied having an agreement with Moscow. Provide humanitarian corridors, and called for the involvement of the United Nations and the Cross Red in the process of possible evacuation.

During his visit to the United Nations Secretary-General Porodianka: “War is absurd in the 21st century. War is evil.”

In Bucha, Guterres called on Russia to co-operate with the International Criminal Court’s investigation into suspected war crimes in Ukraine, and expressed support for a “comprehensive investigation and accountability”.

In Irbine, Guterres said, “The horrific situation unfortunately shows something that is always true, which means that the public always pays a high price.”

Russian forces captured Pucha on March 5 and withdrew from it on March 30. During a meeting in Istanbul, Moscow announced that it would reduce its military operations in Kiev in light of the progress of negotiations with Kiev. And Chernikov axes.

In the following days, Ukrainian authorities and the international media released footage of corpses on the city streets, saying Kiev was a civilian killed by Russian forces.

For its part, Russia flatly denied the allegations, and the cycle began four days after its troops withdrew from Pucha.

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