June 3, 2023

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The security of the Syrian regime is dealing with "hostile targets" in the skies of Holmes

The security of the Syrian regime is dealing with “hostile targets” in the skies of Holmes

The Syrian news agency reported on Friday night that Syrian air defense Holmes was facing “hostile targets” in the sky over the countryside.

The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that “violent eruptions echo in central Syria and al-Bukhamal in the east of the country.” He may be IsraeliOn many sites.

“Syrian regime’s anti – air forces are trying to counter possible Israeli strikes,” the Syrian laboratory said.

Last month, when Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Labid visited Moscow, he said there would be no stability in Syria as long as Iran existed.

The minister also said that Israel would not stand idly by on Iran’s northern border.

Recently, Russian-Israeli relations have been tense in the wake of Israeli airstrikes and attacks in Syria, which are aimed at undermining Iran’s base in the country. Russia views the attacks as an attack on the regime of Bashar al-Assad, with its support.

In a statement last month, the Russian Foreign Ministry stressed that “do not turn Syria into a hotbed of armed conflict between third parties, which could lead to a dangerous escalation of the military and political situation in the region.”

In September, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported the Russians’ displeasure with the Israeli attacks on Syria.

On July 24, al-Shark al-Awsad newspaper quoted an informed Russian source as saying that Moscow had “lost patience” with Israel in Syria and planned to change its policy on Israeli airstrikes on Syria.

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