The Sudanese short film “The Six”, directed by Susanna Mirgani, has raised its prize money to 23 international awards, topped the list of the best Arab short films of 2021, and became one of the most important candidates to compete in the Oscars after winning prizes from the 3 ceremonies that qualified for the Oscars. And the latest award he won two days ago was the Best Short Film (SUDU) Award at the Kipodo African Film Festival. The video, posted on the festival’s Facebook page, thanked director Susanna Mirgani for presenting the award to the festival’s management, saying, “We are filming this film with a Sudanese team (99).” %) And Lebanon (1%). After decades of bans and boycotts, the film industry in Sudan has begun to grow. The film tells the story of “Nafisa”, a 15-year-old Sudanese woman who lives in a village known for growing cotton. Her heart yearns for a young man named “Popker”, but her family arranges a wedding with her. Nadar, a businessman living abroad, is in charge of her grandmother. In the village, she also drew special plans for a precious life. Can this woman choose the next path of her life? Al-Sid presents an emotional story about women above and below the Sudanese pyramid of power, highlighting both ends of social chains and the changes that modern life imposes on these communities. Among the most important awards the film and its director have won are the Best Director of the Beirut International Film Festival, the Best Short Film and the Sermon Award of the Zanzibar International Film Festival. Special Note from the Festival, Best Screenplay and Special Film Festival in Spain and Apartment and Jury Special Note Award from the Busan International Festival for Short Films in Korea, and Best Female Filmmaker at the European Festival of Independent Films in France. At its first international screening, the French channel won the award presented by the Channel Canal Plus Cinema, in the run-up to the Killermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival in France. The film also made its world debut at the last session of the Ajyal Film Festival in Doha. “The Set” was written and directed by Susanna Mirgani, co-produced by her sister Iman, and co-starring Mohat Mortada, Raba Mohammad, Mohammad Magdi and Haram Bashir. MAD Solutions is responsible for distributing the image in the Arab world. Doha Film and Production Design Grant from the University of Virginia Commonwealth in Qatar. Susanna Mirgani is a freelance writer, researcher and filmmaker who has illuminated stories in the Arab world through her works. He has read in the media and museums, and has edited and edited numerous books and academic articles. “The Six” was his latest film, and before that there were several successful shorts, including “Caravan” and “Hinds Dream”.