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The Society of Engineers offers annual scholarships to graduate students from Citizens


Sharjah: “The Gulf”

Announced by the Ministry of Social Development, the Society of Engineers in the United Arab Emirates annual scholarships for state graduate students in engineering faculties at state universities are from the fields of engineering and engineering management. Role and commitment in ensuring social contribution for engineers, and providing social initiatives that enhance the value of education and the importance of fully investing in education.

The scholarship is scheduled to be awarded in the next academic year 2022-2023, and can be used on the condition that the applicant obtains initial approval from one of the accredited universities to study engineering graduate programs on a full or part-time basis. , and meets the scholarship criteria established in coordination between the Society of Engineers and universities in the country, where applications for nomination are received through the Society’s email.

Hessa Tahlak, Assistant Secretary for Social Development Affairs at the Ministry of Social Development, emphasized the importance of such development initiatives to promote social responsibility.

He added: Ministry of Community Development is always keen to support the efforts of Public Interest Societies to take up more initiatives and activities that benefit all members of the society and to achieve the desired goal of having Public Interest Societies for progress. Sustainable development, especially in the field of engineering.

Hessa Tahlak explained that the role of the Department of Public Welfare Associations of the Ministry of Social Development is to promote the efforts of NGOs and organizations in the background to accelerate and facilitate the process of achieving development goals and benefiting various groups of society and their beneficiaries. associations. The Society of Engineers is one of the largest societies in the state in terms of its membership and its present Board of Directors was elected on June 16 last year and is one of the most effective societies playing an important role. In promoting sustainable development in society.

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For his part, Engineer Abdullah Youssef Al Ali, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Society of Engineers, said this year’s grant is intended to help citizen engineers bear the financial burden, continue their educational path, and develop and improve their skills. Supporting their realism in the industry and the advancement of engineering in general.

He said that stimulating the performance of national talents and developing the engineering skills of citizens is one of the priorities of the association and one of its strategic plans announced at the beginning of the current Board of Directors session.

Engineer Abdullah Yusuf Al Ali thanked the Ministry of Social Development for its interest in supporting such initiatives that serve the community, achieve better student care and ensure the continuity of the sustainable development process at the national level.

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