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The story of a goal .. Ayman Shaqi Al-Ahly crowned the 92nd Egyptian Cup at the expense of Jamalek


Thanks for reading the news about the story of a goal .. Ayman Shaqi Al-Ahly won the 92nd Egypt Cup at the expense of Jamalek and now with details of the news

Cairo – Samia Saeed – and Jamalek with its star battalion comprising goalkeeper Hussein El-Saeed, preceded by Ashraf Qasim, Nabeel Mahmoud, Hussein Abdel-Latif and Ahmed Ramzi, Ismail Youssef, Naduvil, Essam for defense; Mansour and Kamal Abdel Hamid were involved in the attack, while al-Ahli was forced to strike by his team, while goalkeeper Ahmed Schubert had five defensive lines in front of him: Ala Abdel Sadiq, Hamda Zedki, Mahmoud Saleh, Mohammad Saab and midfielder, Jamal Musad, Amr Anwar and Ala Miboob, and Ayman Shaqi and Muhammad Ramadan in the attack line.

In light of al-Ahly’s fall throughout the season, the match began amid expectations of a white victory that would end in a local double, but the start was strong from al-Ahmar, and 11 minutes later Ayman advanced to Shaqi al, using a magnificent cross from Osama Orabi to head Hussein al -Turned into webs of sycamore. Jamalek restored its balance, but al-Ahly’s enthusiasm was clear, al-Abyad’s problems were renewed as his player Emmanuel was injured and came out in favor of Khalid al-Kandur in the 45th minute before the end of the first half.

Al-Ahly sought defensive insurance and pulled Ala Mihoub and included Hadi Kashaba, who was the rising star at the start of the second half, and Jamalek dominated the second half and thanks to the talent of the Contour pair by Reda Abdel Al. Schubert.

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Kamal Abdel Hamid was replaced by Jamalek who pushed its striker Efat Nasser, and Al-Ahly sought out Tahar Abu Sayeed at the expense of Amr Anwar, and the match entered into the last 20 minutes, with al-Abiad dominating and Shubert Rada playing ahead of Abdal-Al’s efforts.

Abu Jait was fouled by Efat Nasser in the 90th minute, so the referee awarded a direct free kick.

Throughout history, al-Ahly has written numerous letters in gold letters to Egyptians and international clubs, winning numerous competitions. Al-Ahly was crowned king of its rivals because the number of matches Al-Ahly reached 136 matches The age of the Red Fort, founded in 1903, was 113 years.

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