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The story of the ghost villa where the late Maha Abu Auf lived


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Yesterday morning, the Egyptian actress, with a happy face, died at the age of 65 after battling lung cancer in Maha Abu, after which she was transferred to hospital in her last days.

According to the Egyptian media, the late artist Maha Abu Auf faced many situations during his lifetime in which he lived in a villa where Jewish Imbs lived for 45 years.

The late artist’s mother wanted to buy a villa called “Salvador Sicoral” located in the Raml area of ​​Alexandria, although in fact her father was able to buy it despite being “satisfied” and they took it at their own risk.

Maha Abu Auf’s father was an officer in the army, who would travel and leave them alone in the villa, during which time the wife would hear strange noises like a person’s breathing into the room, but the husband would not listen. Trust her and she said they were myths and the villa was fine.

Again and again, the artist’s mother, Maha Abu Auf, tried to confirm that he lived in the villa, but to no avail, prompting him to seek his mother’s help – Maha Abu Auf’s grandmother – in fact he heard. The same voices.

Maha Abu Auf’s uncle was staying with them in the villa, and while he was browsing some books in the office, he felt tired, turned off the lamp, put his head on the table, and began to hear the sound of crackling on the floor. When he raised his head, he saw a black man with white hair and eyes, dressed like a priest, and he was shocked to find that his hair had turned white by the intensity of the terror he had seen. .

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After many attempts and much fear, the family used a shake, a priest and a rabbi, and read some texts from the heavenly books in the villa, and first told them that these spirits were attached to the house, when they left. That, in turn, could turn them into harmful spirits, which allowed the family to accept their presence at home and live peacefully with them.

Thirty years after Maha Abu Auf refused to believe the fact that there were souls in the villa, his father sat alone in the villa and tried to reach the head with a particular melody, but to no avail. When he left the harp and went to the bathroom, he heard the melody missing inside was played alone, he was so scared, he ran to the street and opened the villa and the thieves used it. Entered the matter and stole the contents.

The late artist Maha Abu Auf was suffering from lung cancer when his condition worsened and he was transferred to a hospital where he was treated in the intensive care unit. One of the symptoms of lung cancer is diagnosed as acute pneumonia.

In the last hours before he died his health deteriorated drastically, leaving our world at the age of 65, leaving all his fans and family in mourning and grief.


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