March 23, 2023

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The story of the scene that led to the divorce of artist Menna Arafa

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Egyptian artist Mohamed Nagati revealed the scenes of his session with Dr. Ashraf Jackie, the head of the acting industry, which will take place tomorrow, Sunday.

Muhammad Najati said: I will meet Dr. Ashraf Zaki on Sunday; In order to file a complaint; To inquire whether Arafa has signed an agreement not to start.

Muhammad Najati continued, “In doing so, the Production Authority should be held accountable for not making changes in this matter, so that such things do not happen because it is my duty to respect any agreement made between the people.”

Najati talked about the fact that he caused the divorce of artist Menna Arafa because of a scene from the “Villa 101” series, there was a scene that unites me with Menna Arafa, and he is said to be dead; I play her brother at work. “

He added: I should have removed her after she fainted, but she refused this scene, one of her sisters would put her to bed and then we changed it so that I could examine her, in the next scene, I measured Menna Arafa. Pulse, but I was surprised when she refused to hold my hand with one of my fingers.

He concluded: Then the director decided to intervene and decide to act out the scene; But the next day I was surprised and they told me that Menna Arafa was divorced by this scene, which surprised me a lot.

When Mahmoud al-Mahdi commented on his return to his wife Menna Arafa, a dispute between them over the past few days led to their split.

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