March 25, 2023

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قصة أغنية "فى يوم وليلة" التى تركتها ميادة الحناوى وغنتها وردة

The story of the song “Five a Day and a Night” sung by Warda and left by Mayada El Hanavi

Best Artist Mayada El Henavi Celebrates Her Birthday Today Friday 8th October, and she is considered one of the most popular singers with golden voices, which was due to the love of the audience, and the grace that she did not notice them through her beauty, elegance and musical performances, and the story of artist Mayada El Henavi by composer Mohammed Abdel gathered with Wahab, who was due to bring her to Egypt.

Ever since the appearance of the artist Mayada El Henavi in ​​the Arab audience, she has been determined to sing in Egyptian dialect, and explained in a TV interview that this is the most popular dialect in the Arab world and was beautiful and graceful through the movies at that time were the voices of Mrs. Ummu Kultum, musician Mohammed Abdelhah and musician Hafiz emphasizes the beacon of Egyptian art.

Artist Mayata Al-Hanawi told a story about musician Mohammad Abdel Wahab in an interview on the show.Is settledSherin Hamdy, the broadcaster on the channel AnnShe said: “He saw me in Syria, he spent a summer there every year and he was parasitic and scared. And I said, ‘Of course he would tell me to go out because I have a cold, and my sister, Feden and I sang.’

Mayada El Henawi added: “A year after this meeting, he came back to Syria and took me to Cairo, where I lived for two years, during which time I had no day and no night. I used to stay in Egypt and return to Syria. My brothers were with me in attitude as well.

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Mayada al-Hanawi continued: “I went to the rehearsal for a song every night, every day, until my father was tired, and as soon as I learned, I went to the musician Mohamed Abdel Wahab. One day and one night a song was sung by the late Warda al-Jazeri.