June 2, 2023

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The Tunisian president has extended the suspension of parliament

The Tunisian president has extended the suspension of parliament

Tunisia – AFP
On Monday, Tunisian President Guiz Said issued a presidential decree extending the term “until further notice” with a decision to suspend parliamentary proceedings issued on July 25, according to which he suspended the work of the legislature for a period of 30 days.
Before the end of the 30-day deadline, Saeed issued a brief statement on Facebook urging the President to extend “exceptional measures taken under a presidential decree suspending the capacity of the House of Representatives” and to remove the parliamentary security of the people and all its members until further notice. ” “In the coming days he will address the Tunisian people with a statement,” the president said.
In his decision, issued on July 25, the Tunisian president relied on Article 80 of the 2014 constitution, which authorizes him to take exceptional measures in the face of “immediate danger”.
This result is not surprising. In addition to extending the suspension of parliament, analysts expected to announce new measures to strengthen public opinion and the international community.
On Monday evening, just before the end of the presidential extension, the leader of the Enna movement, Richard Connaught, announced the dissolution of the party’s executive office.
In a statement to the movement, Kannucci decided to exempt members of the executive office and restructure the executive office “in accordance with the needs of the platform and achieve the required performance.”
It is noteworthy that many Tunisians welcomed Saeed’s actions after waiting for drastic action against corruption and impunity in a country plagued by the political class and suffering from a very difficult social, economic and health crisis.

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