March 28, 2023

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The Tunisian road map will create a new political reality

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A poll by Al-Bayan on its website and on its social networking site “Twitter” showed that the roadmap announced by Tunisian President Guiz Saeed would create a new political reality. 40% said a map would lead. Progress in the reality of the economy.

While 67.9 per cent of respondents said on Twitter that the road map would create a new political reality, 32.1 per cent of respondents confirmed that the benefit of the map would mainly affect the economy.

Professor of International Relations and Conflict Resolution at the University of Jordan, Ph.D. Hassan Momani said the roadmap announced by Tunisian President Guiz Saeed was seen as a step towards rectifying the situation in the country. Specific view.

Momani added: “These measures are linked by the announced deadline, and these steps are interdependent. From here the referendum on constitutional reform plans becomes popular, and a referendum if a majority takes place, which will strengthen and strengthen progress on the next right.

Popular expectation

In turn, Professor of Political Science Dr. Khalid Shnekot pointed out that the success of President Gais Saeed’s actions is linked to the consensus on the street, which is the basis for any change process to come. He pointed out that the Tunisian constitution made it possible to make changes in the political system after the inequality in power-sharing, which led to a paralysis in the workings of the political system, depending on how the referendum would take place. The Tunisian people deal with it and the extent of public participation in it, as well as the importance of the position of the international community in these steps.

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“Of course, there is hope and aspiration on the part of the people for the outcome of these measures. The situation in Tunisia goes to an exceptional stage, which requires determination and correction, and implements the work of democratic and oversight institutions.