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The UAE has long-term strategies for environmental sustainability


According to a study conducted by the Regional Center for Strategic Analyzes in Abu Dhabi, sustainability strategies and tackling climate change are at the top of the national action agenda in the UAE. The UAE’s contributions and initiatives during COP 28 gained greater regional and international momentum, support for achieving a better harmonized formula for environmental protection and sustainability, and international pledges to allocate hundreds of billions of dollars to finance climate and sustainable projects.
Interregional said the UAE is making progress in strengthening its environmental leadership by investing tens of billions of dollars and providing legislation, regulatory frameworks, initiatives and policies to address climate change. Participation in dozens of contracts and initiatives around the world.
In this context, Interregional released the “UAE Environmental Achievement Index 2023” to monitor and track the performance of the country’s environmental initiatives in the field of environment and climate, measuring and monitoring 32 sub-indicators since its inception. “UAE Vision 2021” in 2010 to 2022. He also gave predictions till the year 2030.
The Environmental Performance Index is the arithmetic mean of four sub-indicators, namely: climate change, biodiversity, maintenance of a healthy and clean environment and environmental awareness and behaviour, as per the guidelines for developing composite indicators issued by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).
The center emphasized that the UAE’s approach to climate change has become a priority for government action, in an effort to be “zero climate neutral” and invest in green resources. In this aspect. He explained that there are many motives and reasons behind the UAE’s high priority of addressing the phenomenon of climate change. This comes in the backdrop of the state’s keenness to achieve its strategic plans on climate change. Among the key concepts that have made climate change a government priority are the catastrophic effects worldwide, in particular: droughts and floods, inundation of cities, waves of displacement, damage to agriculture and infrastructure, and degradation. Global food security crises.
The UAE has adopted a comprehensive approach to addressing the climate change crisis, seeking to achieve environmental sustainability through an integrated legislative and regulatory framework, in coordination and cooperation with the international community in this regard. Approach: Localize clean energy, adopt peaceful nuclear energy and support climate legislation and knowledge frameworks, and coordinate with the international and regional community to support international efforts to address climate change. To achieve climate neutrality by 2050, the UAE has won the trust of the international community to host COP28 from here.

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