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The UAE leads the world in 186 competitiveness indicators


The Emirates Competitiveness Council said the UAE has become an international center of knowledge in global competitiveness strategies, through legal developments and proactive efforts to improve the economic system, people investment, rule of law and the use of technology and data to enhance the country’s competitiveness and attractiveness, leadership and excellence in all sectors. It also points to the provision of skills, which is reflected in the country’s great strides in the 2023 Competitiveness Report. The world ranks on 186 indicators, and it ranks first in the Arab world on 508 indicators.

In detail, Abdullah Nasser Loota, Assistant Minister of Cabinet Affairs for Competitiveness and Knowledge Exchange and Chairman of the Emirates Competitiveness Council, stressed that “through legislative developments and proactive initiatives, the UAE has become an international knowledge hub in global competitiveness strategies. Economic structure, investment in people and the rule of law, and the use of technology and data to improve the UAE’s competitiveness and attractiveness.

He said, “The UAE continues to stand out in global competitiveness reports, and it occupies the best positions in international reports. These successes could not have been achieved without the vision of our leadership and the proactive thinking in its passion. We must build the human being as the basis for development in the UAE.”

This happened during Luta’s chairmanship of the Emirates Competitiveness Council meeting, which reviewed the country’s harvest in global competitiveness indicators and discussed analyzing its performance in the most important global competitiveness reports. The sectors monitored by these reports.

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The Chairman of the Emirates Competitiveness Council added: “Despite the conditions and rapid changes the world has gone through in the past period that have affected most key sectors in all countries, rational vision and proactive changes in global dealings have helped the UAE achieve leadership in competitiveness indicators. In some indicators of key sectors, the country managed to achieve dozens of ranks at the same time. 44 ranks at the same time in total productivity (purchasing power ratio) – real growth in the global competitiveness yearbook 2023, the world to reach the eighth place, as well as reaching 43 ranks in the index (real growth of GDP). , to reach fifth place in the world, in the same report, a competition, the world’s oldest country in history global competitiveness, which reflects initiative, sustainable development, flexibility and preparedness for the future and leadership thinking that turns challenges into opportunities.

For his part, Hanan Mansour Ahli, Director of the Federal Center for Competitiveness and Statistics, said: “To follow and improve the competitiveness of the UAE globally, to monitor and highlight best practices that support the sustainability of the country’s economic and social development, which translates into leadership directives by providing all capabilities to achieve leadership and excellence in all sectors. , which was reflected in the great improvement achieved in the country’s competitiveness reports. For 2023, it is ranked first by global countries in 186 indicators, and it ranks first in the Arab world in 508 indicators.

Ahli added, “The UAE has charted a path for itself in the journey of global competitiveness so that competitiveness is seen as a way of life to provide greater luxury and prosperity to the UAE society. Working with its strategic partners in the relevant authorities. The government and private sectors have included the UAE in global competitiveness reports and indicators. To bring in the best ranking and to be the capital of economy, tourism, trade, coexistence and innovation for more than two billion people worldwide.

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Ahli presented the Cities Competitiveness Program, which aims to improve the competitiveness of cities to support the economy, thus supporting the national economy, attracting investments, promoting tourism and creating global connectivity with international economic communities in the future. Contributes to the establishment of an economic model that is forward-looking and based on knowledge and innovation, that creates an environment that attracts talent and encourages entrepreneurship, and improves the UAE and its global position in various global competitiveness indicators. It seeks to achieve the project’s goals by adding at least two Emirati cities to the list of top 20 cities in five competitive reports by 2024.

• A rational approach to dealing with global changes and a proactive approach has helped the UAE achieve leadership in competitiveness indicators.

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