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The United Arab Emirates guarantees food security with an integrated control system

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Under the motto “Safe Food, Better Health”, World Food Safety Day is observed on June 7 each year. Highlights that play, and calls for a set of specific actions to make food safer.

The United Arab Emirates joins the world in celebrating this event, emphasizing that it has an integrated food safety control system in line with international standards.

Each year, foodborne illness affects about 1 in 10 people in the world, more than 200 of them – some mild and some dangerous.

The United Nations General Assembly established World Food Security Day in 2018 to raise awareness on this important issue, and the World Health Organization and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization are working together to help observe World Food Security Day. Member States and other stakeholders.

Food security

The Ministry of Climate Change and Environment has emphasized that food security in the United Arab Emirates is a nationally and globally important issue because it greatly affects public health and economic activities in any country. The increase in the rate of accidents related to food and food contact products contaminated with microorganisms, chemicals or physical substances and others has caused international concern in recent years.

In order to ensure the safety of food in circulation during the phases of the food chain, competent officials in the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment and Food Security in the United Arab Emirates are trying to establish and implement a number of projects and research systems. Adoption of policies for risk analysis, as well as provision of adequate information on foodstuffs and imported foods in the country and these products and the risks associated with them through continuous and effective regulation of law and facilities.

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The Department of Food Safety in Dubai designs and operates an integrated control system that aims to integrate control practices on imported products through multiple processes and systems in line with best local, regional and global standards and practices to enhance confidence in food safety. In addition to food, function and food control, and disease testing and monitoring, food and food safety awareness, the Department has established numerous partnerships with international organizations to comply with health and safety standards related to food and disease control and prevention. Participate in local events and revivals of international events and days.

According to the United Nations, maintaining food security is a complex process that begins on the farm and ends with the consumer, and must take into account all stages of the food chain, including production, harvesting, storage, production and subsequent consumption, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Health Organization. Work in partnership to improve food security and protect consumer health.

The FAO addresses food safety issues in the food chain during production and processing, while the WHO oversees relations with the Department of Public Health. Preserving food so it is safe to consume, not just buy it. Consumers at home play a role in ensuring that their food is safe.


In January 2016, the late Sheikh Khalifa bin Saeed Al Nahyan, God Bless, 2015 Federal Law No. 2015 on Food Security. Recognized 10. The law aims to ensure the safety of the food circulation and to monitor it during stages. Trade to verify the suitability of the food chain, the substance for human consumption, to eliminate or minimize all risks associated with food, to protect consumers from unhealthy or adulterated food, to ensure the safety and health of the food circulation, and to facilitate the movement of food.

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The law sets out a set of penalties for violators, punishable by up to three months in prison and a fine of not less than 100,000 dirhams and not more than two million dirhams, or both, for trading in food or rotten food that is harmful at any point in the food chain.

The National Food Quick Alert System was launched in accordance with Minister Resolution No. 433 of 2017 regarding the National Food Quick Alert System.

The guide deals with the risks affecting food security, the mechanisms for managing food announcements, and the procedures for removing restrictions on food that may be harmful to health, adulterated or misleading consumers, or in violation of technical regulations. A method of improving the efficiency and speed of information exchange when identifying foods that pose potential hazards to human health.

This system includes various assignments, roles, responsibilities and classifications of food announcements and criteria required to report food accidents.

This includes warning about a product in border denial or country markets and models used according to those classifications. This system classifies food-related accidents, and evaluates the factors and potential consequences for classifying certain, medium or high risk, such as the nature of the food and the level of risk of risk sources. Including the health hazards of the accident and injured persons.


Food security is an essential component of the food security system in the United Arab Emirates, which relies on imports from abroad to meet most of its food needs. The Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, through the National Food Security Council and its local partners, is implementing a number of initiatives to maintain food security, improve communication systems nationally and globally, and promote social awareness of safe food practices. These activities include:

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Establishment of the Food Safety and its Administrative Regulations, National Food Accreditation and Registration System and National Food Rapid Alert System and Dietary Control for Importation for Business Purposes, Federal Law No. 2015. 10.