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In the sense of Abu Dhabi International Book Fragrance


Reading will pursue its own taste in the intellectual and civilized creativity of the individual and society, and it will be a long journey to explore the depths of people’s cultures and civilizations and to get to know people through times and places. They.

Although reading is distinguished by scientific and research studies, there is still variation in the results of these studies as to what reading is, whether it is scientific, artistic, entertaining, or proficient. From this intellectual point of view.

In this regard, reading in its broadest sense is the food of the soul and thought, and a window into the world in which man lives today, and the past that preceded it, and the future which he has drawn in his imagination. Reading without knowing its features now means studying mental and intellectual awareness, drawing the past with the present and drawing a bright map for the future to come.

Within the framework of the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair 2022, we enjoyed and enjoyed this intellectual presence and Abu Dhabi International cultural momentum that unites these minds and hearts on reading, thinking and creativity and innovation. The book fair, which carries Abu Dhabi, the capital of Abu Dhabi, the capital of culture, the beacon of culture, traditions and civilizations of different peoples of the world, in their everyday approaches, their delicate power to create, and their delicate power, to shine in thought, tolerance and civilized coexistence.

The industry of international book fairs in the United Arab Emirates has seen unprecedented renaissance and pioneering excellence that reflects the vision and interest of intelligent leadership in reading and its interest in related events. Dear Nation, these exhibitions, which attract various sections of senior intellectuals, writers and the general public, still showcase the personality of Arab writer Taha Hussein at the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair today. Enlightenment in Arabic Civilization, and possessor of excellent contributions to the literature of the Arabic language.

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Our joy is great to see the whole family on the sidewalk of the book fair, surrounded by fathers and mothers in tenderness and fatherly care, taking their hands to the various participating halls and sharing with their sons and daughters. And mothers in choosing books and scientific and cultural references, they all share the bitterness of the writer and author’s thoughts, and they exchange views on what is in this book, and a discussion takes place between them. Thought, opinion and information in this author or other work.

How beautiful it is to read as a family table, the bitterness of thought, and the oasis of creativity.

General Secretary for the Caliph Award for Education

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