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The United Arab Emirates has condemned the Houthi pirates of a civilian cargo ship that flew the United Arab Emirates flag in the Red Sea.


The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has condemned the January 3 capture of Houthi by a civilian cargo ship, the Al Rawabi, which flew the United Arab Emirates flag in the Red Sea. It came during a meeting of the United Nations Security Council on the Republic of Yemen, during which several members of the Council condemned the seizure of the ship, while several countries issued statements condemning the seizure of the Houthi ship “Al Rawabi”. In this regard, the Permanent Representative of the United Arab Emirates to the United Arab Emirates Lana Nusaibe said, “We strongly condemn the Houthis’ hijacking of the Houthi ship Al-Rawabi from the port of Hodeidah. International navigation in the Red Sea, which requires the Security Council’s deterrent stance. . “We thank all the countries that issued statements condemning the piracy incident,” he added. His Excellency Nusaibe stressed that no progress could be made to end the Yemeni crisis without stopping the hostility carried out by the Houthi militants and ending their continued atrocities against the Yemenis. It strongly condemned the Houthis’ attempt to target the territory of Saudi Arabia with drones and ballistic missiles, which is a blatant violation of international law. He stressed the importance of consensus, prioritizing the supreme national interest of Yemen in achieving the desired progress in the political process of uniting Yemeni forces under the Riyadh Agreement and serving the aspirations of the Yemeni people. His Excellency welcomed the recent efforts of the Yemeni government to improve the economy as the United Arab Emirates looks forward to solutions that contribute to the progress of the Yemeni economy. He called for the intensification of international efforts to respond to the humanitarian needs of the Yemeni people.

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