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The United Arab Emirates leads the world in the amount of clean electricity per capita


Minister of Energy and Infrastructure Suhail Al Masroui said the UAE is leading the world in the amount of per capita clean electricity added to the network over the past five years, and the cost of producing clean energy in the country is one. Low global rates.

He added in his opening address at the “Nuclear Energy Summit for Climate Neutrality” to be held in Dubai on December 7 and 8 on the sidelines of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. (COP28), “The nuclear industry has become competitive and prices are rising.” Its way down.”

Al Mazrouei emphasized the important role of nuclear power in the process of transitioning to clean energy sources in the UAE, highlighting the key role played by the Barakah nuclear power plants in reducing the energy sector’s carbon footprint and making it sustainable. Energy in the country.

For his part, Mohammed Al Hammadi, Managing Director and CEO of Emirates Nuclear Corporation, said, “The UAE is a member of the peaceful nuclear race and agreed last week with 22 countries to triple nuclear energy production by 2050, and work will be done in the coming period on how to achieve this goal.”

Al Hammadi added, “The development of the four Barakah nuclear power plants, all of which are now operational, is an important step in the UAE’s transition to clean energy sources, as it is one of the largest nuclear power plants in the world. The largest single source of carbon-free electricity in the region.”

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He continued: “Abundant and clean electricity produced by the Baraka plants, in addition to the knowledge, experience and technology gained from growing the plants, supports innovation in advanced nuclear power technologies, including the development of mini-modular reactors.”

Al Hammadi said: “The Nuclear Summit for Climate Neutrality, (COP28) provides an excellent platform to discuss the need for electricity and how to meet this need. By producing large amounts of clean electricity, the sectors “developing advanced nuclear technologies has become one of the world’s strategic priorities, and Countries that take the initiative to do so will play a very important role in ensuring energy security and sustainability. “

Al Hammadi highlighted the progress achieved by the Emirates Nuclear Corporation’s recently launched “Advanced Program for Nuclear Technologies”, a new platform designed in line with the latest developments in nuclear technology. The project contributes to strengthening the UAE’s leadership position in promoting climate solutions by accelerating the global transition to clean energy sources.

Notably, the UAE has added more clean electricity per capita over the past five years than any other country, with 75% of it generated from nuclear power, making it “an ideal location to host the Nuclear Energy Summit for Climate Neutrality . . .”

The main theme of the “Nuclear Energy Summit for Climate Neutrality” focused on the growing need for new nuclear technologies to support basic economic sectors. Aiming to contribute to the world’s march towards climate neutrality.

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