June 7, 2023

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The United Arab Emirates participates in meetings of the Arab Parliamentary Committees

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Representatives of the United Arab Emirates parliamentary group, members of the Arab Parliamentary Committee, attended meetings of four parliamentary committees and its subcommittees to be held tomorrow (Wednesday) at the headquarters of the Arab League.

Representatives of the United Arab Emirates Parliamentary Council, members of the Federal National Council, members of the Arab Parliamentary Committee, Chairman of the Committee Mohammed Ahmed Al Yamahi, Deputy Speaker of the Arab Parliament, Member of the Foreign and Political and National Committee for Security, and Naima Abdullah Al Sharhan, Second Deputy Chairman of the Federal National Council , Vice-Chairman of the Committee, Social, Educational and Cultural Affairs, Member of the Committee on Women and Youth, Ahmed Hamad Bouchehab, Member of the Committee on Economic and Financial Affairs, and Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights of the Arab Parliament, Shada Saeed Al-Nakbi.

According to Mohammed Ahmad al-Yamahi, the Foreign, Political and National Security Council discussed the most important Arab issues and developments, particularly the Palestinian issue, the Libyan and Yemeni crisis, and the developments in the Iraq and Somalia arena. Preliminary draft report on political and security developments in the Arab world and the political situation in the Arab world. 2021.

Al-Yamahi added that the committee had reviewed the results of the Fourth Conference of Speakers of the Arab Parliament and Arab Councils held in Cairo last Saturday, and the conference document entitled “For a Parliamentary View”. Achieving security and stability and improving the current Arab reality, “it is planned to present at the next Arab Summit.

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In turn, Nama Abdullah al-Sharhan said the Committee on Social, Education, Culture, Women and Youth Affairs had reviewed the reference to the draft Arab Guidelines for the Preservation of the Arabic Language. In accordance with its nature as a non-mandatory Arabic guideline law.

Al-Sharhan added that the committee had reviewed recent developments in adopting the Arab draft, which was prepared to support the Green Middle East initiative and to prepare for the launch of a document on educational development in the Arab world. The Kingdom of Bahrain, as well as advances in the work of preparing a report on the social situation in the Arab world for 2021.

Ahmed Hamad Bousheb said that the Committee on Economic and Financial Affairs discussed a number of topics, the most important of which were the current preparations for hosting the Arab Forum on “Requirements for Strengthening Economic Integration among Arab Countries”. The Arab Guidance is scheduled to take place next May, with discussions on draft law. The digital technology revolution is not yet clear in its features and capabilities, and he said that artificial intelligence simulates human intelligence.

In turn, the Legislative and Legal Affairs and Human Rights Committee, the subcommittee on human rights, discussed a number of important issues, said Shada Saeed Al-Nakbi. It was proposed to issue an Arab Parliamentary Declaration criminalizing the targeting of civilians during wars and armed conflicts in the Arab world, as there is a link between confronting climate change on human rights, especially climate change, human security and human rights expressions. The Committee discussed the preparation of an Arab Guide to Improve Prison Systems and Rehabilitation Centers in Arab Countries.

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