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The United Arab Emirates receives its first flight as part of an effort to house 1,000 Palestinian children.


The first flight carrying 15 children and their families arrived today as part of an effort by the state’s President Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan to treat a thousand Palestinian children with their families. Gaza Strip among hospitals in UAE.

The flight from Al-Arish Airport in the Arab Republic of Egypt landed at Abu Dhabi Airport carrying children in need of medical attention suffering from severe injuries and burns and cancer patients in urgent need of treatment.

Assistant Minister of State for Health Affairs Medagu Maha Paragat confirmed that all the medical and health teams and hospitals in the country are fully prepared to receive the surviving children and their families, provide them comprehensive and integrated care and provide the best possible care. Special services, as per international standards, until they recover and return.

His Highness added: “Since the beginning of the crisis, the UAE has rushed to provide emergency humanitarian aid and supplies to the Gaza Strip, and in this regard, the Head of State, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, may God protect. He directed the delivery of twenty million dollars in aid and, as part of His Highness “The Gallant Night 3” operation, established an integrated field hospital within the Gaza Strip.

As part of supporting relief efforts in the Gaza Strip, the UAE sent 51 flights carrying 1,400 tonnes of food and health aid and shelter supplies in coordination with international organizations such as the World Food Programme.

These initiatives embody the UAE’s approach and its historic commitment to support the Palestinian people and reduce the severity of the humanitarian crisis they face, particularly among the most vulnerable groups, who make up half of the Gaza Strip’s population (more than a million children). children), which falls within the framework of established fraternal positions of the UAE, towards our Palestinian brothers.

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