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The United Arab Emirates welcomes the formation of a new Tunisian government


The United Arab Emirates has welcomed the formation of a new Tunisian government led by Najla Botan to promote stability and prosperity in Tunisia.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, under the leadership of President Qais Saeed, reaffirmed the confidence of the United Arab Emirates in the ability of the fraternal Tunisian people to cope with the current situation. The Ministry pointed out the interest of the United Arab Emirates in deepening and expanding the boundaries of cooperation with Tunisia and making progress in all areas.
After waiting and anticipation, he announced the formation of a new government in Tunisia, which will lead the country in the light of the end of July in the light of President Saeed’s exceptional actions and actions in the Presidential Order regarding the temporary administration of officials. Saeed signed the decision to name the head and members of the government for the first time since 2011 so that the cabinet committee would not be given to parliament to gain its confidence after suspending its work indefinitely. Saeed said: “We want to summarize history. We do not want to be in the shadow of exceptional measures, but we will be in the light of these actions as long as there is immediate danger in parliament and in many institutions.”
Keep track of corrupt people
In his speech at the inauguration of the Botan government at Carthage Palace, Saeed revealed that all files will be opened and no files will be deleted, adding that “there is no room for those who want to undermine the sovereignty of the state. The sovereignty of the state and the people.” “We will find the culprits and the money of the people will be returned to the people,” he added.

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The owners do not hesitate to say that those who work to overthrow the Tunisian state do not have bags full of money from abroad, enter Tunisia daily without permission, while at the same time working to achieve the goals of the revolution. The Tunisian president has accused rivals of inciting the country to cancel the Francophone summit on the island of Djerba next November, insisting that he had received reports from parties seeking to undermine relations with France.

Government priorities

In turn, Prime Minister Najla Botan stressed that his priorities are to restore trust and confidence, to ensure economic and health security for the citizen, and to restore confidence in the state.

He added: “We aim to restore the confidence of the citizen in the administration and government services, and the confidence of those outside our country, and to fight corruption. She and her government will work to accelerate the revival of the economic cycle. The new government will include 25 ministers and secretaries of state, including nine women. The new organization saw the return of several ministers who had sided with the president in Hisham al-Mashishi’s government, and they were fired due to pressure from the Ennada movement.


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