June 7, 2023

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The United Nations has called for a meeting in Libya to resolve differences

The United Nations has called for a meeting in Libya to resolve differences

Hassan Al-Verfali (Benghazi, Cairo)

The United Nations has called on Libyan parties to hold a new meeting within 10 days to resolve controversial points in the constitutional process governing the election.
Yesterday, the Libyan parties, the Joint Committee of the House of Representatives and the Supreme Council of State, concluded their discussions on the constitutional path in the Egyptian capital Cairo, and the final agreement was expected to be announced. Third and final round of Cairo talks.
The UN delegation said in a statement that the joint committee had reached a consensus on controversial articles in the Libyan constitution.
However, he added: “However, there were differences over the measures to regulate the interim phase leading up to the election.”
Stephanie Williams, Special Adviser to the Secretary-General for Libya, called on the two councils to meet within 10 days to agree on their leadership.
Williams stressed, “The United Nations will continue to support Libya’s efforts to end the protracted Middle Ages and the instability that has plagued the country, through comprehensive and transparent national elections, as soon as possible, and to fulfill the aspirations of the nearly 3 million Libyans who have registered to vote.” He relied on Cairo talks to reach a consensus on the constitutional framework for regulating general elections, especially after the failure to hold elections on December 24, due to differences in the constitutional nature of the laws governing the electoral process at the time.

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