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The United States has recovered ‘the most important military secret’ from the Sea of ​​China


Mentioned Seventh Fleet That Robotic submarine The ropes were attached to a long-range stealth fighter aircraft that was lifted Wednesday from a depth of 3,780 meters using the ship’s crane.

The recovery of the aircraft eliminated the fear that China or Russia would come there first and receive its advanced technology, learning how to duplicate or defeat it.

The Seventh Fleet said the multi-million-dollar plane was carrying out routine flights from the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson when it crashed on January 24.

The leaked footage showed the plane reaching a low point where it could not land because it first collided with the back of the deck, then slipped and fell into the sea and returned to the surface. The pilot was able to jump and all 6 sailors on board were injured. Carrier.

The Marines indicated that the wreckage would be delivered to a nearby site to be examined for evidence of the cause of the accident, and would be sent to the United States if the crash site was not released.

And exposed Carrier After superficial damage and being able to resume operations, “Carl Vinson” and his strike team returned to San Diego on February 14 after being hired for 8 months.

China says sovereignty is over South China Sea The whole set up of military installations on the 7 artificial islands built on corals and corals has increased the pressure on Taiwan, which claims its territory in the north.

Push the increasing presence of the Navy andChinese Coast Guard The United States and its allies are intensifying exercises in the region. International law.

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