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The United States is preparing for the arrival of immigrants from the Mexican border


New York – AFP

The United States announced on Sunday that it was ready to deal with large numbers of immigrants from across the Mexican border once the process of raising disputes with Republicans and worrying Democrats is over.

In a statement to CNN, US Secretary of Defense Alejandro Mallorcas reaffirmed his department’s readiness to deal with the new arrival of immigrants expected after the May 23 “Chapter 42” deadline. Immediately on the border.

To those who wished to settle irregularly, he said, “Do not come.”

Despite the restrictions, U.S. border police have arrested an average of 7,800 illegal immigrants a day in the past three weeks, five times more than the 1,600 a day between 2014 and 2019 before the epidemic.

Asked about the authorities’ expectation of reaching 18,000 visitors a day after the deregulation, Mayergas said: “We did not expect 18,000, but we are preparing for different scenes.” “If we reach this number, there is no doubt that our organization will be under extraordinary pressure. But we are preparing for it.

A few months before the midterm elections in Congress, Republicans attacked the Joe Biden administration for lifting exceptional restrictions on immigration, and Democrats in the border states raised the issue of the White House’s decision.

Since the introduction of Chapter 42 in 2020, authorities have carried out more than 1.7 million deportations.

But the Biden administration’s willingness to rescind the move is threatened by a ruling released Monday that supports the Republican-led states’ call for a halt to the president’s decision. An inquiry will be held on May 13 to determine whether the government can remove the move.

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