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The University of Sharjah receives a delegation from Al Rushd American School



June 24, 2023

12:17 p.m

The University of Sharjah receives a delegation from Al Rushd American School

Sharjah: “The Gulf”
Dr. Salah Tahar Al-Haj, Vice-Chancellor of the University for Social Affairs, received Prof. Wattah Saeed Al-Shabi, Chairman of the Board of Directors, as part of an initiative to promote collaboration with renowned schools organized by the University of Sharjah. At Al-Rusht American School, and the accompanying delegation, with the aim of learning about science programs, academic specialties, facilities and the services they offer, the university offers various schools and educational institutions, including cooperation and participation in directives and advising on science events and activities suitable for high school students. Providing.
During this meeting, Dr. Salah Taher Al-Haj confirmed the University of Sharjah’s interest in developing cooperation with private schools supervised by the Sharjah Private Education Authority, with the aim of attracting the best students, and improving the education system for students in support of continuous goals. Where the university has started a cooperative program with some high schools; The University’s motto, “Together We Make a Difference”, is part of its strategic objectives to be a global educational beacon contributing to the highest levels of social service.
Dr. Salah also discussed the capabilities and facilities available at the University of Sharjah for high school students, including counselling, mentoring and field training. University sponsoring some cultural activities organized by schools and opportunity to participate in them.
For his part, Professor Wattah Saeed Al-Shabi expressed his happiness at the visit to the University of Sharjah, which is one of the respected sites for recruiting school students, pointing to many opportunities for joint cooperation between the two parties. Participation of the university in brainstorming forums organized by the school management, and encouraging the academic and administrative body of the school to enroll in postgraduate programs and training courses offered by the Continuing Education Center at the University of Sharjah. He also provided an overview of the vision and mission of the American School of Rush, its development plans, and its passion to provide an engaging, safe, and supportive educational environment for the student from kindergarten through high school. , guiding and guiding him in the right direction and helping him choose one of the prestigious and world leading universities like the University of Sharjah.
The meeting was attended by Prof. Dr. Qutb Al-Raisooni, Dean of the Faculty of Sharia and Islamic Studies, Malik Mahdawi, Director of the Social Cooperation Office, and Saleh Al-Nuaimi, Assistant Director of Marketing and Students. Recruitment Department. On behalf of the school, the Director of Al-Rusht American School, Mr. Mohammad Jagdut.

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