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The video of Nawal al-Kuwaiti and Mohammed al-Deya provokes the anger of his followers. The latter describes the follower as an “ass”.


Saudi goalkeeper Mohammed al-Deya has been criticized for spreading a photo of himself with the artist’s novel al-Kuwaiti.

Muhammad al-Deya adapted the novel al-Kuwaiti

Mohammed al-Deya, the goalkeeper of the Al-Hilal national team, shares a video clip collected by Banwal al-Kuwaiti through his account after his concert within the activities of the Riyadh season. Embracing her next to her, the novelist Al-Kuwaiti replied, “This is the artist I told you about, this is the man I love, and I will die in her.”

Mohammed al-Deya responded to critics of a video collected by the novel al-Kuwaiti

The video clip angered and criticized the pioneers of social networking sites, and one of the commentators wrote in a stern tone: “I seek refuge in God, the abominable and cold sight of the body. How can you accept the embrace of being alone in this way, it is not forbidden to you !! O Lord, prove to us justice and religion.”

Al-Dea responded in a derogatory tone to the fan’s comment: “This is better than your face, disgusting.”

Al-Daei ‘did not stand there, but decided to respond provocatively to another person, describing him as a “donkey” where the follower wrote: “No neighborhood, no shame, no fear of God, holding hands with Marwa on the back, God will leave you.”

Al-Daya also posted a tweet in which he made it clear that the novel considers her his sister, and wrote: “I would like to make my compliments to everyone who took or commented on the clip that united me with the artist’s sister novel. I want to make it clear that she is like my sister, my conversation with her. My love and admiration for the art of presenting. “

He also posted another tweet: “Whoever wants to see you wrong will see you. If he is blind, do not be busy pleasing people, but be pleasing to the Almighty God.” . “

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